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computers. coming up why he claimed to have tiger blood and adonis dna and what the people are doing to help the production crew who are today out of a job. fox 5 morning news. it is tuesday morning, first day of march. welcome to march. sun on the horizon. and we expect more today. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. okay, march comes in all big and bad like a lyon and you're going out like a lamb. >> and it's not all big and bad. >> today a fine day. good morning to both of you and good morning to everybody. it's not going to be as warm as yesterday. it was rainy and windy yesterday. we won't have that. so today is not a bad day. a cool day. here is a look at the current conditions being reported
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around the region. 33 degrees in washington. 28 at gaithersburg. 34 in quantico. cambridge is at 32 degrees. winchester 32. and at dulles airport it is 32. here is a look at the radar for the area. we are precipitation free. all of the rain we had yesterday and we officially had two-thirds of an inch yesterday at reagan national. it's gone and pushed out of here. the clouds gone with it. and we do have a few clouds in the northern skies but for the most part things are quiet and shall be quiet for today. your forecast for today looks like this: mostly sunny, a little bit breezy this morning, look for a high in the upper 40s to about 50 degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in a little bit. right now let's look at traffic and for that we go to julie wright. tony, we're still talking about the third street tunnel and the commute coming from new york avenue and northeast washington towards 395 and southeast southwest freeway. the accident investigation underway. two lanes to the right entering the tunnel and narrowed down to one right lane inside the
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tunnel as you make your way past d. street for the ongoing investigation. so expect delays from northeast to northeast as you work inside of the tunnel. kenilworth avenue and the combination of the bw parkway working well as thality fat leaving northeast into southeast. traveling in virginia, here is the drive. northbound along 95, no incidents to report leaving the prince william parkway. traffic volume is heavy and slow across the occuquan and delays on 395. 66 on the brakes in manassas, delays approaching fair oaks and nutley street to the beltway. the beltway inner loop in virginia slowing between annandale and merrifield. top side outer loop below speed, 95 around to georgia avenue. in problems on the icc between 370 and georgia avenue. don't forget it is toll-free until next monday. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. check out for the latest updates on traffic
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and weather from all around the region. we have interactive maps and radar and forecast on the weather page and apps for your iphone, droid, blackberry so you are always connected to fox 5 news. fox 5 continuing to monitor metro at the dupont circle station. the middle escalator came to an abrupt stop yesterday morning and smoke was seen last night. two escalators are shut down at dupont. this is an on going problem. here are the latest numbers. metro with 588, 499 of them are operating right now. 89 are under repair. we want your help as we monitor metro. riders pay a lot of money to use buses and the rail and you tell us how you expect a safe, easy ride. if you do that, we can help keep metro accountable. send us your videos and e-mail
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to fox 5 metro at to a fox 5 follow-up, luxury suv's paid for by taxpayers and outrage continues in the district and one council member said an old law may have been broken. sarah simmons is live outside of the wilson building with more on this story. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. councilman tommy wells said he looked into it and found that maybe 42 sufficient's might be in violation of this old law passed in 2003. it has become such a mess, now councilman jack evans is looking to introduce legislation today to require all of these leased vehicles to be approved by the council except for the mayor. now you may remember former councilwoman carol swartz proposed a law eight years ago to stop the district from leasing or owning suv's. she said they were a waste of money and guzzle too much gas. the law passed in 2003 saying it restricted sufficient's and cars that got less than 22
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miles per hour per gallon and the mayor's vehicle was exempt from that. well wells said it is time to fix this issue for good. >> for me as a legislator, looking at past laws regarding suv's and cars that are to get at least 22 miles per gallon when we procure new vehicles, that law has not been followed in all cases. >> we're certainly going to look at the existing policies and determine whether they have been adhered to. and if those need to be strengthened we intend to do that. >> reporter: councilman wells said he is not blaming anyone and looks like this could have been a violation well back into the william's administration and the fenty administration, allison. >> sarah, thank you for that report. but let me ask you, did you hear anything else from mayor gray yesterday? >> reporter: well the mayor said at this point what he's going to do is have the city administrator look into it and look to the paperwork and see if there were laws violated.
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other than that, he's really just trying to steer clear of it, kind of step back from the controversy and see what his city administrator is able to find. allison. >> sarah simmons live in northwest. thank you. we'll hear from you later. and coming up later this hour, another story that has a lot of folks sounding off. a fox 5 investigation into alleged pricey trips taken by the president of a local university all on the taxpayer's dime as well. we spent more than six months going back and forth with the university of the district of columbia trying to piece together a messy paper trail. we discovered not only does the president get an expensive car, a million dollar home and a nice salary, he also spends a lot of money traveling to places like egypt and the uk. coming up at 7:30 see what happens when tisha thompson showed up to a board meeting looking for answers and why the trips are being questioned by city officials. another big story we're following, the budget crisis on capitol hill. the house expected to vote on a
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proposal that would cut $4 billion, postponing a government shutdown. the white house is showing support for the deal but they'll still have to revisit this again in two more weeks and it could be more difficult to reach an agreement then. the wisconsin governor pressuring awol senators back to legislation. he warned if the 14 lawmakers don't return the deadline will pass to restructure debt. savings will be lost and layoff notices will go out to hundreds of employees. 14 state democrats leave when they were to vote on taking public rights away from workers. to the latest in the middle east and the uprising in libya. the embassy is taking down the flag from gadhafi. in the meantime he continued
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his p.r. offensive talking to western journalists yesterday but as doug luzader reports, now the white house is calling his remarks delusional. >> reporter: the administration said all options are on the table but ghadafi is standing firm as u.s. war ships are closing in. another city in rebel hands. libian leader ghadafi is now surrounded as areas to the east and west slip from his control. but in an interview with christian alman poor he remains defiant. >> my people love me. all my people love me. they will die to protect me, my people. >> reporter: but they don't love him everywhere. the wave of anger is growing. his image hangs in effigy in the west where protestors are in control despite what he said. >> it sounds frankly delusional. >> reporter: the president has been pushing for chick sanctions and hillary clinton said all options are on the
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table, including a military response. but even as u.s. war ships move closer and closer to libian shores, the critics say the white house needs to do more. >> so far what the u.s. has done is take symbolic steps that are not having a change on the situation on the ground. >> reporter: and protestors have their sights set on more. doug luzader, fox news. >> for the latest on this still- developing story go to web welcome back and look for the link on the home page. nine minutes past the hour. redskins making a decision about their back field. it was time to let clinton portis go. and charlie sheen is suing cbs and wants a raise and more.
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and find out the move the people behind his show are doing to help out the crew members who are now out of a job for the moment. as we head to break, let's take a live look outside. traffic heading across the 14th street bridge. we'll let the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie coming up next. 
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[ music ] katy perry getting us started. nice start to the month. tuesday march 1st. a pretty day and chilly. but the sun is shining. >> rain, rain, went away. >> it is out of here. >> got some good rain yesterday. >> i said this at the top of the show, at 5:00, not the very top since we're on at 4:25. winter is over in three weeks.
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>> that is very nice. thank you, i needed that. >> something to hang your hat on. let's take a look as you get the kids ready for school. here is your bus stop forecast. we've got, as you saw, very nice conditions out there. it's cold but we have a good amount of sunshine. mostly clear skies. temperatures in the lower 30s for the most part. not bad at all. the sun came up at 6:41. right now it's 33 degrees in washington. 34 in baltimore. 32 at dulles airport. winchester is at 32 degrees. ocean city has dropped back to 38 degrees. here is a look at the winds. this is part of our story this morning. it's breezy out. 14 mile-per-hours in washington. 9 mile-per-hour in annapolis. 10 at dulles. 10 at fredericksberg. 9 at baltimore. >> better than yesterday, right? >> yeah. we had some strong gusts. winds gust up to 36 mile-per- hour yesterday. high today about 50 and sunshine. tomorrow near 60 with sunshine. thursday 43. how did that get in there?
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friday partly sunny and 51. saturday rain showers during the day but a high near 60. >> it's funny, nature sort of rights itself. moderate the temperatures. i don't know what i'm talking about. thanks for playing along. >> let's find someone who does. julie wright. >> when you're right, you can't be wrong. >> got you, mrs. wright. >> i got it. >> it went flying by. on the roads this morning, still a busy commute on the beltway in virginia. the inner loop leaving braddock toward 66, all of your lanes there are open with no incidents to report. big story unfortunately as a fatal crash occurred around 12:30 on the third street tunnel. an ongoing investigation has the right lane getting by inside of the tunnel and back out toward 395 and your exit for the southeast-southwest freeway. and traffic jammed up badly out of northeast washington. significant tie ups from the brentwood parkway headed into
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the tunnel and back out toward your exit for the southeast- southwest freeway and continuing out bound into virginia off the 14th street bridge. traveling from the north to the south, use a combination of kenilworth. 50 is slowing at 202. and delays on the bw parkway from prince george's hospital. outer loop of the beltway, traffic slowing 95 around to georgia where the lanes are open. southbound 95 and 295 incident free out of laurel. northbound 5 slowing at brandywine. finding 395 slowing at duke street to seminary road and 95 tied up north of the prince william parkway to lorton and again at springfield headed to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. as we crack open the buzz bin this morning, he is reportedly the highest paid actor on television and charlie sheen saying he wants a raise. >> this is smack dab in the middle of the controversy for being admitted to the hospital
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following on all night party with porn actresses -- >> stars. >> now these are actresses. hello, you have more scoopage on this. >> when you see him, i don't know what is going on with him. it's crazy. his lawyer said he's ready to pursue legal action against warner brothers and cbs for canceling the remaining episodes of this season. sheen has been blasting cbs for not firing the creator chuck laurie and also demanding a raise to continue starring on the show. he wants $3 million for ep said up from the current 1.8 million. he said he's tired of not thinking he's special. >> add some gold and bingo, i'm here to collect. and they're going to lose. they're going to lose in a courtroom. so i would recommend that they do an out of court settlement and fix this whole thing and pay the crew and get season 9 back on board. >> as far as sheen's issues
7:18 am
with substance abuse he said he is clean and cured himself. >> are you clean right now? >> look at me, dah. drug tests don't lie. >> when was the last time you did drugs. >> don't remember. don't care. drug test doesn't lie. score board doesn't lie. >> you said you cured yourself. >> yes. >> how you have done that? >> i close my eyes and made it so. >> he said it's been about a month that he used drugs and took more than anybody else that could survive and when asked how his body could take that level of substance abuse, he said i have tiger blood, man. and he said he was too smart to die from a drug overdose. what is going on here? it he's smarter than that. he was paid a million plus per episode. >> $1.8 million. >> i think he wants to be off the show and get his staff paid. >> he wanted to let them know you mess we many and i'll mess
7:19 am
back. >> it's clear he's not right. >> remember robert downey and the stuff he went through and he came out of it better on the other side. fabulous actor. you can respect and admire somebody who did that. >> right. >> charlie sheen, i hope he gets some help. >> it seems like he's riht there in the middle. >> he's spiraling downward. >> thanks, gurvir. and you can watch more of his interviews on tv, radio, the web and you can do that on and we want to know your thoughts on the charlie sheen saga. let us know on our facebook and twitter accounts and find links on to twitter and facebook. just click on mornings. it's 7:19 right now. we thank those of you who have weighed in. he has been one of the most recognizable washington redskins for years and was less than 100 yards from the record books. but now clinton portis is out. cut by the skins yesterday. so what is next for the franchise? what is next for portis? that is next. >> i will miss seeing him in
7:20 am
washington, i will say that. also ahead this morning, the cup cake craze was big enough for its own reality show but we want to know who has the best cupcakes in d.c. coming up, we begin a blind taste test to find out the winners. >> why do we never take part in these things. >> i'm happy though. i don't need that. >> look at that red velvet there in the middle. >> crystal butler writes i love crumbs, red velvet. if anyone can beat theirs, please let me know. ebony thomas writes georgetown cupcakes are the best. they are fresh and moist and we appreciate those comments. please keep your comments coming. 
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the wizards mike bibby in such a hurry to get out of town, he gave up a $6.2 million
7:24 am
contract. is that right? >> next years contract. >> after playing just two games in washington. reports say that he will sign with the miami heat. the wizards say $5 million against the salary cap. >> he'll join ilgauskas who they also traded. the redskins are making roster moves. >> portis has been cut. the team didn't want to pay his $8 million salary he would have been owed if he came back. just 77 yards short of 10,000 rushing yards for his career. just short of the hall of fame record. schanaman decided it was too costly to bring him around. he only played in 13 games the last two years because of an injury, a concussion in 2009 and a torn groin last year. they asked if taking a pay cut was a deal breaker for him? >> it wasn't a deal breaker.
7:25 am
anything is possible. i could wake up one morning and decide i don't want to leave and i know the offer is still there. so for myself, i think it's just more of two different directions. and like i said, i enjoyed my time and i don't want to prolong it and i'm ready to move on. >> we'll see what happens. if somebody doesn't pick him up, maybe he comes back at a cheaper price. what do you think about the redskins cutting clinton portis? let us know on facebook and twitter on coming up next on fox 5 morning news, a fox 5 investigation several months in the making. your tax dollars paying for an official jet-setting lifestyle and it comes at a time when the school that that official runs is asking for millions from the government to make up -- a budget shortfall. a live look outside at 395. traffic by the pentagon and h.o.v. lanes coming to the with
7:26 am
sunshine this morning. we'll check if with -- we'll check in with julie and tony will have your forecast next.
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nice view of the washington monument. a little camera shake and a little breeze out there. don't let the sunshine fool you if you have not walked outside. you will need a jacket this morning because it's chilly. 34 degrees at reagan national. >> i say long live madonna. every generation needs a madonna. ga ga is your madonna. >> but that song is express yourself. >> madonna. next time, ga ga, switch it up a bit. and you're welcome. >> i suspect they'll be a lawsuit. it's cold this morning. it is cold and we're going to see a much cooler day today than yesterday. but in my book, not a bad day. it will be pretty and sunshine. and we'll be right where we should be for march 1st. >> excellent. >> let's take a look. i'll show you the temperatures across the region. we are indeed in the 30s, most of us. currently it's 33 degrees here in washington. 36 in annapolis. 34 at quantico. 32 in winchester. and frederick is at 30 degrees.
7:30 am
all right, let's take a look at the temperature trend. where will the temperatures go for the next four days? you can probably guess. up and down. today 50 degrees. that's actually our average high. tomorrow high near 60 -- 59 degrees. thursday we don't get out of the low 40s. a cold day on thursday. and then on friday we're back up to 51 degrees. so there you go. get used to it. you have to pack a jacket and a sweater and a t-shirt. all right, now take a look. here is your satellite radar composite. a much quieter picture from yesterday. we lucked out, i thought we would get some severe weather here and we really did not. a lot of that dissipated before it got to the washington area. now all of that precip has moved out so you can see we have a closer look here. we have plenty of sunshine. there is clouds and most of those have gone. and clouds to the north are continuing to track off to the east. a good amount of sunshine not just this morning but through
7:31 am
the day today. here is your forecast then for today. look for mostly sunny skies, much cooler with our high temperature right about where it should be although some will top out in the upper 40s. to 50 in town and breezy. for tonight, clear skies and cold overnight. lows in the 30s, once again the winds shift out of the south and the warmer air works in tomorrow with a high of about 59 degrees. nice, mild day. told you about thursday and friday. saturday we've got some clouds on there. we have some precipitation as well as we expect to see some scattered rain showers during the day on saturday. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> look at all of that sunshine behind you. >> isn't that nice. the next few days. >> no, i like looking you when you do the weather? >> what's that? >> i said now i like looking at you when you do the weather. >> it takes sunshine? you don't like looking at me.
7:32 am
>> no. >> where did it go wrong? >> 4:30 this morning. on the roads this morning, we'll start off talking about the commute into the third street tunnel from virginia. all lanes are open with no incidents to report as you travel across the 14th street bridge. making your exit into the tunnel and headed back toward new york avenue. this is the live shot from new york avenue headed into the tunnel with only the right side getting by. big delays off of new york avenue. not only are we slowing back at bladensberg road but on the brakes before pin street and over the tunnel and back to 395. to avoid a lot of this, a lot of folks are using the combination of bw parkway and kenilworth as the alternate route. that's saving you some time as well. take it back inside and updating the commute from virginia across the potomac. lanes are open. heavy and steady is how she rolls across the 14th street bridge. the beltway inner loop spotty
7:33 am
delays and annandale to merrifield. gridlocked out of germantown shord shady -- toward shady grove. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it is a fox 5 investigation six months in the making. your tax dollars paying for one official's jet-setting lifestyle, a luxury car, a million dollar home and worldwide travel all paid for by taxpayers. >> last summer we received a tip from a viewer who told us to take a look at the president of the university of district of columbia and the money he spends traveling. so we filed a freedom of information act request and that's where fox 5's tisha thompson picks up the story. >> reporter: egypt, london, jackson hole, wyoming. first class destinations for any seasoned traveler. but we're not talking about vacation. >> where is this money coming from? >> reporter: we're talking about your taxpayer dollars in a fox 5 investigation.
7:34 am
>> this requires an explanation. >> reporter: we're going to take you on a journey. >> we're here and we want to get answers about the travel expenses. >> reporter: we're here to find out where your money is really going. allen sessoms is the president of the university of the district of columbia. >> i would like to introduce our faculty. >> reporter: it's a job that comes with a $295,000 salary, a lincoln navigator and gas paid for by the university and a $1.6 million house in northwest, all expenses paid by udc. but documents obtain bid fox 5 show sessoms also spends tens of thousands of dollars on high- priced hotels and flights. >> how much would you pay for a plane ticket to boston? these students were quick to answer. >> from here to boston, definitely no more than $200? >> $350. >> like $400? >> reporter: how about $1,400,
7:35 am
that's how much he spent to fly to boston, according to credit card receipts. a small trip considering he spend $1,800 for flights for meetings in los angeles. and then this $2,200 receipt for a first-class ticket to a conference in san antonio where he also spent double the average rate for his hotel room. >> that's a lot of money. >> reporter: this is a udc freshman using student loans to pay her tuition. >> we pay a lot of money to go to school and you shouldn't waste money on flying to different places when we're out here trying to get our educationism the records raise question about spending on his family. this car rental receipt lists an additional charge for a child seat for a conference in san diego. and udc shelled out thousands for his entire family to fly to a conference in jackson hole,
7:36 am
wyoming, over the 4th of july holiday. the most expensive trip was egypt. he had plenty of room to stretch out when he flew to cairo in one of these business class seat bets. the cost was $7,900 one way. >> how many semesters worth of tuition is that for you? >> that's like my -- basically my whole -- a whole two years. >> reporter: after months of asking, the school provided a redacted itinerary saying sessoms averaged a few hours each day visiting the sister university in egypt. then he went sightseeing, the pyramids and shopping at the local bazaar. >> he wouldn't be getting away with it if there was better management. >> reporter: and you're right. because the paperwork udc gave us is a mess. most receipts raise questions is like how did he get back from egypt. we know he made a stop in
7:37 am
london and spent $1,000 on hotels and transportation but udc said the document doesn't exist for why he was even in the u.k. or how much he spent to fly back to the united states. >> we're not an atm. >> reporter: mary cheh said the university president is expected to travel. but she said she was dismayed at what we uncovered. >> this is a public university and so every dime that is spent is a dime paid for by the taxpayers or by the people who are paying tuition. there needs to be accountability. >> reporter: fox 5 tried for six months to get answers from udc. the university spokesman allen edor told us sessions does not wish to conduct an interview on this matter and our questions are still questions. >> i'm looking for the boardroom. >> reporter: so we went to a board of trustees meeting where sessoms was scheduled to speak but instead of the president,
7:38 am
udc spokesman allen eder came out to talk to us. >> he's not available. >> so he's not coming to a board meeting? >> he will not be here. >> reporter: was he coming to the board meeting before we asked? >> i would assume so. i talked with his secretary and she said that he just a few minutes ago said he won't be here. >> reporter: we've been asking for six months, your statement to us was our questions are questions. we feed answers for the taxpayers. >> and your questions -- they're questions in my mind as well. i wish i could give you the answers to the questions. i don't have the answers to those questions. >> reporter: at that moment in walked joseph askew, the chairman of the board of trustees and sessoms boss. >> reporter: does it concern you he won't answer questions about travel expenses. >> if he is not responding directly to the press, then that is a decision he has to make and he believes in the best interest of the
7:39 am
institution. >> reporter: but he's using taxpayer dollars. >> and everything here is taxpayer dollars and we take every expense here, including the travel, very important. >> reporter: will you be talking to him about this? >> we're in the process of getting the explanation associated with his travel and if we deem it is appropriate business travel the board will make a decision. >> reporter: now buried within the paperwork was a very interesting receipt. it was a copy of a check from alan sesoms to udc for more than $6,000. they didn't want to explain what this check was about and the other receipts. if you want to take a close look at all of the trips he's taken, we've created this timeline. you can see there is a lot of stuff on it. and when you go aclook at trips like jackson hole, you cannot only see the receipts, but if you click on this link at the bottom, it will pull up the
7:40 am
receipts. this is the airfare not only for sessoms but for his wife and kid. that's the kind of thing you can get only on tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> thank you, tisha. and as you saw, this story started with a tip. so if you have something that you want us to investigate, to look into, go to our website and click on the tips button on the top right corner of the screen or call our tip line at 800-395-3140. fighting a battle on the homefront. more on a local group hoping to help homeless female veterans. and at 8:00, we're going to check out the idol across america bus. and a preview of what to expect as season 10s top 24 sing live this week. 
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a lot of bands covering
7:44 am
rage against the machine. that's george mason university pep band and this clip has gone viral. their mash up of killing in the name of and bulls on parade. so far nearly half a million views on you tube after being featured on tosh.o. send us links on facebook or twitter to pass stuff like this along. you'll find the information >> i just saw this you tube video a couple of days ago. this kid justin beiber, he is going to be huge. you should see him. >> you could probably be his manager. >> before he gets to be 17. >> happy birthday. >> it is his birthday. he got himself a present. shall we take a look at what is going on with the
7:45 am
weather? >> what's his present. >> isn't he dating selena gomez? yes, there you go. right now at reagan national, a temperature of 33 degrees. so it's a cool start, not cool -- it's a cold start to the day. relative humidity 61%. winds out of the north at 14 miles per hour. so it is breezy out there, folks. dress accordingly. here is a look at the future cast. what do we expect to see here during the next couple of days? take a look. we have clear skies right now. and all day today clear skies. tonight still clear. what we will see is, as we continue to put it in motion, tomorrow a cold front comes through tomorrow night. there it is. and bang, that will drop our temperatures down for thursday significantly. highs on thursday only in the low 40s. here is your five-day forecast. look for a high today of about 50 degrees. we will see sunshine, a cool day. tomorrow is 59 degrees. not bad and mild. thursday will be cool.
7:46 am
friday back to the 50s and saturday back to near 60 with some rain showers as well. that's the weather, more coming up later. >> thank you, sir. let's check in with julie wright to look at traffic. >> i thought tony was going to be the manager for the tucker and julie duet. >> he's abond oned you for this kid justin beiber. >> maybe we need to put julie and tucker's performance on you tube and then go from there. >> oh, no, no. it's time for traffic. look at the stuff we have going on right now. all right, on the roads this morning. let me start off with showing the commute on the third street tunnel southbound. a fatal accident occurring about 12:30 this morning. traffic is still significantly backed up from northeast toward the exit for southbound 395 and continuing over towards the southeast-southwest freeway. in the top left you can see the flashing lights because the on going investigation continues and traffic is able to squeeze
7:47 am
by to the right once your inside the tunnel to d. street and toward the free way. northbound on 395 out of virginia, lanes are open and that's our next camera. traffic coming north bound will slow at the beltway past seminary road, pentagon crossing over the potomac toward the tunnel, no incidents to report on this stretch. traffic volume heavy across the anacostia bridges. northbound side, delays toward brandywine. and crash southbound 704 before reaching 202 at barlow tieing up the two right lanes. southbound 270 congested at germantown to the crash at shady grove and the local lanes tieing up the left lane of two. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. she is januari lewis. she lives in locust grove, virginia and loves us all like family. tas super sweet. thank you so much. to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news, no space between fox and 5 and
7:48 am
post a comment under january's cute photo. the cup cake craze so big it has spawned several reality tv shows. but we want to know, let's just settle this thing. which is the best cup cake from around d.c.? >> holly is leading a blind taste test this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tell me there is not a better way to start your day than that. you're right, the cup cake craze is culminating in a taste test in our studios. we've brought together an esteemed panel of judges that have agreed to have cupcakes this morning and we are going to see who indeed has the best sweets in the d.c. area. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. h
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
[ music ] he never said never and
7:52 am
look where he is now. and you said let's do an official picture in his new sharp hair cut. happy birthday to you mr. justin beiber. he turns 17 today. he is probably celebrating with his new beau selena gomez. they attended the oscars together over the weekend. that means they've made it official. there were rumors. >> out in the public now. and when he gets a hair cut does that mean everybody gets a hair cut. >> and how much pressure to be a trend setter? >> it's not the pressure to be a trend setter. it's pressure to be a follower. >> has deep, steve. happy birthday to you. maybe you want to celebrate the beiber birthday with a cup cake. >> we have no problem with that. it makes it hard to determine which one is the best. that's why we have holly morris. she is getting her sugar rush on this morning with the experts. good morning, holly.
7:53 am
>> reporter: i get the tough assignments. they bring me in only for the big investigations. and that's what we're doing this morning. we decided to pick some cup cakes in our area and see who is best. and it was a random sampling. we can't do everybody. we sent in secret shoppers. none of the places know we were buying cupcakes for a cake test. and we continued to urge you to put your comments for your favorite places on our facebook page. so without further ado, let me introduce you to the esteemed panel of judges here. natalie ruffner is from rsvp catering. peter brett is from blue dot cavern, the executive chef there. and susan wallace is from black salt and susan, model your pants for us. she even has her cup cake wear on. she's in the zone. and then malcolm mitchell, known as the chef. he is a professional chef. we have some pastry chefs, we have executive chefs, professional chefs. and this is how it will work.
7:54 am
we're going to first sample a vanilla cup cake with chocolate icing. they don't know where any of these are from. i'll let you know where they are from so you can know. as we're going along, we'll go one, two, three four, five, around the plate and water to cleanse your pallet and in the end we'll pick the favorite. so let's try number one. the number one cup cake is from this cup cakeery so you at home know this is where it's from. and as our chef's taste, natalie, any opinion? >> it's delicious. >> reporter: peter, what do you think? >> i like the dark chocolate. >> reporter: okay. susan? >> i like the dark chocolate. >> reporter: malcolm? >> it was crummy and just a little dry. but the chocolate was good.
7:55 am
>> reporter: serious tasters. moving on to number two. number two is from this cup cakeery in the greater washington area. so swallow and suggest something. >> it's moist. i like the butter cream. >> reporter: peter? >> i didn't really like the butter cream. i thought it didn't have very much chocolate flavor. >> reporter: interesting. susan? >> i think the butter cream needed more flavor but i like the cake. >> the cake itself was moist. it had a good flavor to it as well. butter cream was okay. it wasn't lacking a little flavor just a little bit. >> reporter: we have three more to get through so we have to get stepping. our third cup cake is from this cup cakery in the greater washington area. this is vanilla with chocolate
7:56 am
icing. malcolm, we'll let you comment first. >> it was very good. >> you liked that one. >> reporter: susan? >> i love the frosting. >> reporter: you can lick your fingers. you want to, it's okay. and peter? >> i did lick my fingersch the frosting had good milk chocolate flavor. >> reporter: natalie? >> i agree. >> reporter: and let's do number four. this cup cakery is where our fourth cup cake comes from. and malcolm, again, we'll start with you. >> that was -- i can't care for that one. it was dry. >> reporter: okay. i like that. susan? >> i think the cake is dry. >> reporter: peter? >> the cake was dry and thiting was too sweet and gritty. it was too sugary. >> reporter: and natalie? >> the cake was too dry. >> reporter: and this is our fifth one. and i do want to go on record as saying that these cupcakes were purchased yesterday so
7:57 am
it's not like we got them fresh this morning so we cut them a little bit of slack for that. and let's get our final comments. go ahead and start over there. natalie? >> the cake is moist and the cream has a nutty flavor but i like that but it is too sweet. >> reporter: and pick your final one. >> i agree. the cake -- the frosting was too sweet. i thought the cake was good. >> susan? >> i like the frosting. it brings me back to my childhood. >> reporter: and malcolm? >> i have to agree as well. it was moist and the flavor of the frosting was really nice. >> reporter: i know we've done the whole taste test in four minutes. but are you ready to pick who you like? calculate away. and i'm going to ask -- just give me the number. give me the number of the one you like. >> i like number one. >> reporter: peter? >> number three. >> reporter: and susan? >> number five.
7:58 am
>> reporter: and malcolm? >> i'm going with number five. >> reporter: so it looks like this is our winner for our first round. that is -- don't look over there. you aren't supposed to know where they come from. coming up, in the next hour we're moving on from the vanilla and chocolate to red velvet. so that was our appetizer and red velvet is our dessert. so back to you. >> aren't they all winners? >> hopefully. i'm taking notes. we'll be right back. we'll see you at 8:00. 
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
d.c. taxpayers paying top dollar for luxury suv's and now there is word uh-huh might be broken. and then the idol across america bus has rolled into washington. we'll take a tour on the bus and find out how you can play the part of ryan seacrest for a chance to win a trip to hollywood and stand on the stage with ryanm and we'll get a preview of tonight's show.
8:02 am
and round two of our cup cake experts. they will try red velvet cupcakes. and find out which ones were the best and which ones don't fare so well later this hour. and good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and i like how you say we. but you almost can smell it and taste it through the -- >> right through that wall over there. >> that studio right there. i know. so more of that coming up this hour. did you have one? did you sneak one? >> no. they are testing them. >> well they're not eating the whole thing. maybe you can get some left over. >> you don't want leftover cup cake. not when someone else is munching on it. >> when tony says take a teeny bite. there is something else going on. >> use a fork, please. we have a pretty condition out there. it's a cold start to the day but there is a lot of sunshine. not bad. remember yesterday we had the humidity and the fog and everything. >> the rain all day. >> none of that today. take a look. here is your satellite radar composite. things look fine this morning. it is cold with teams in the 30s.
8:03 am
but skies are mostly clear. there are some clouds here and there. but for the most part, clear skies. and it's going be that kind of day. a lot of sunshine today. the sun won't warm us up a whole lot but it will be okay. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region. we are at 33 degrees now in washington. now its also 33 in baltimore. fredericksberg is 36. dulles airport is 32. frederick, maryland, is 30. patuxent naval air station is at 36 degrees. forecast for today, well we expect a lot of sunshine. it will be a cooler day. yesterday we made it up to 72 degrees yesterday morning, believe it or not. 50 will be your high today with some of you topping out in the upper 40s. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. more on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, sir. let's check in with julie and look at traffic this morning. >> you guys, well a lot going on concerning the third street tunnel. it is the fatal accident unfortunately which occurred around 12:30 this morning that has the traffic tied up from new york avenue into the tunnel and back toward the exit for
8:04 am
395 and the southeast-southwest freeway. in the tunnel there is traffic able to squeeze by to the right but significant tie-ups on new york avenue through northeast and down to the tunnel and back toward the exit at the free way and toward out bound 395. more problems to report on new york avenue for those making their way out bound, we'll pull up the map, there is an accident that isfying up the right lane -- that is tieing up the right lane at the anacostia. this is the direction of 50 and the bw parkway with traffic squeezing by to the left. other side of town. 270 had a crash at shady grove. whatever was there had cleared and the pace improved heading for the lane divide. close in 66 on the brakes coming in from 50 fair oaks eastbound toward 123 and delays toward the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. there is more fall-out over luxury suv's paid for by taxpayers in the district and now one council member said a law may have been broken. fox 5's sarah simons is live outside of the wilson building
8:05 am
with more on our top story. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. councilman tommy wells looked into and found that dozens of leased vehicles, including the chairman's may have violated a city law passed eight years ago. how could a law passed in 2003 just be ignored. that's what council member tommy wells wants to know. he tells us 42 suv's, including the two ordered for council chairman brown, are in violation. >> i do believe that it appears laws have been broken and we'll have to make referrals to the attorney general. >> reporter: the legislation was introduced by carol swartz. the law passed to restrict suv's and other cars that got less than 22 miles per gallon. the mayor and emergency vehicles were exempt. swartz said by phone she was disturbed the law was being ignored. she said my intent nine years ago was to get the d.c. government away from using suv's unless for top security reasons. she said at the time i looked
8:06 am
around and saw a lot of them. i was appalled at the number. >> we're going to look at every vehicle. we have a list of them. >> reporter: mayor gray said he wants to address the issue and ordered his city administrator to find out if the law is being violated. but he was quick to distant himself from the controversy. >> frankly, i don't know how you put this vehicle issue at our doorstep. these things were done back and forth 2011. >> reporter: wells said he's not pointing the finger at anyone. violations appear to have been made during the fenty and williams administration but wells said the time has come to fix it for good. >> the first thing is to be sure we're in compliance with d.c. law and the second is being good stewards with our funds. >> reporter: and in the meantime the council is looking to crackdown further. councilman jack evans is expected to introduce legislation today that require all leased vehicles be approved by the council except for the mayor's vehicle. allison? >> sarah simmons live in
8:07 am
northwest. thank you. the district could get new guidelines for testing drunk drivers. d.c. councilman philip mendelson asked the attorney general to come up with a new test. deputy attorney general robert hild em said it will take time and investigations found flaws questioning nearly 400 investigations. the battle in the city in libya lasted six hours. government forces failed to retack city after attacking from six directions. the rebels are in control of the town 150 miles west of tripoli, one of the cities fallen to anti-government protestors. they are manning security check points around the city. here at home, the libian embassy in d.c. is going to replace the green flag of gadhafi's regime around noon today. just like the protestors who took control of citys in libya. they'll replace the old flag
8:08 am
with the flag from the last king. it is red, black and green with the star to the right of your screen. and other top stories, police are trying something new to catch a serial rapist. they are putting up billboards with the suspects picture in maryland, virginia, connecticut and rhode island. the so-called east coast rapist is linked to a dozen attacks targeting 17 women. the assaults started back in 1997. police hope somebody will recognize the suspect and turn him in. two loudoun county men have been arrested and charged with the robbery of three freedom high school students. all three victims say they were approached by the men while walking near the school on saturday night. one had a knife and demanded money. police made the arrest a short time later. officers also caught a juvenile believed to have been the getaway driver. montgomery county police need your help to find a missing college student. 21-year-old dennis calvin johnson left his home in the white oaks section of silver spring around 8:30 yesterday
8:09 am
morning. he was supposed to take a rideon bus to the rockville campus of montgomery college. it's unclear if he ever got there. he did not return home. he is autistics and needs medication. call police if you have any information about his whereabouts. it's about 9 minutes past the hour on this tuesday morning. they fought for our freedom and now fighting a battle here on the homefront. up next more on a local group helping homeless female veterans. and if you're looking for work, check out our job shop. our job of the day is with hogan gravell, a legal practice looking for a audio-visual specialist. for month jobs go to and click on the job shop tab on the top of our home page. we'll be right back. nine minutes after 8:00 now. d
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12 minutes past the hour now. a lot of sunshine and a little chilly. >> we need the rain sometimes but i'm glad it's out of here.
8:13 am
>> well let's warm things up. >> tony perkins, what do you have? >> the my first 5 photo of the day. and look at that. the man is clean and he is sharp. he is sharp. it looks like he's saying have i got -- what do i have to do to put you in this car today? this is jessie all ssed up for his 9-month-old picture. >> he looks older. his expression. >> he looks like a little man. every now and then you see a baby that looks like a little adult. that's nice. >> what a love. >> and again, i say this all of the time, i love that they make clothes like a suit that small. it's cute. >> little shoes and everything. >> he's adorable. >> i want to hang out with him for the da . >> thanks for sending that in. to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. let's take a look at the radar
8:14 am
image. yesterday it was showing all kinds of thunderstorms, dangerous weather, all of that. today none of that. the radar is clear. we are precipitation-free. we are nearly cloud-free, as a matter of fact. and we will see a lot of sunshine today. it is a little breezy out there with those winds coming to us out of the north. so even though it is now 34 degrees with a wind coming out of the north, northwest at 16 miles per hour, it gives us a windchill of 24. so it does feel quite cold this morning. you want to be aware of that and you want to dress warmly. it feels like 24 in washington. these are your windchills. 26 in annapolis. 29 in fredericksberg. and 29 in baltimore. five-day forecast, we're looking for a high today of about 50 degrees under mostly sunny skies. so a cool day. but right where we should be. tomorrow, up near 60. 59 greece for the high with sunshine. a lot of sun on thursday but cold. highs only in the low 40s. friday back to 50. saturday back to 59 with rain
8:15 am
showers. that's a look at the weather. now an update on traffic from julie wright. tony, we still have that deal downtown at the third street tunnel where they are investigating an accident that occurred overnight. a fatal crash which has only the right side squeezing by inside the tunnel causing tie- ups off of new york avenue into the tunnel and toward 395. other side of town, 66 still tied up leaving manassas and nutley street to the beltway, all lanes there are open. southbound along 270, lanes are open here at shady grove road. the accident that kurd in the local lanes had cleared. lanes are open once again headed for the beltway. slowing leaving 95 toward georgia avenue. i will leave you one incident, outbound new york avenue at the anacostia. the far right side remains closed as we travel in the direction of the bw parkway and route 50. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it is hard to come up with
8:16 am
statistics but the department of veterans affairs estimates about 107,000 veterans spent last night on the streets. the number of homeless female veterans continues to rise. there is now a new nonprofit trying to find them safe and suitable housing options and we'll learn more about that now. joining us, jazz stevenson, president and founder of final salute and lisa arnold with the u.s. air force. thank you for being with us. i know this is dear to both of your hearts and trying to find a way to help tease women would are out on the streets who don't have a place to go. first of all, welcome and good morning. are we starting to see more and more homeless female veterans these days? >> yes, we are. thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak on behalf of our sister veterans. and the number increases as more women are joining the military and serving. and most of the homeless veteran population for females are from the current campaigns that we are having now in the country.
8:17 am
>> so because of that, the longer this continues, the more we're going to see people as they come home, more and more women are ending up homeless. >> yes. the reasons kind of run across the board as far as why they are homeless. you have divorce or separation, military sexual trauma, mental health issues ab several other issues, unemployment and lack of benefits or most females don't even consider themselves veterans because they're not familiar with the process. >> so what can you do about this to try to help them out? >> well basically we founded our nonprofit which our final salute inc. which is the salute to the veterans and the american people. our mission is to find them safe and suitable housing. right now we are in the awareness phase as we are new so we are raising funding, looking for sponsors and partnering with other veteran organizations to help in try to get one of our sister veterans
8:18 am
off the street. >> lisa, what is that like for you? both of you spent a lot of time in the military serving our country and when you hear about women that homeless, what is that like for you? >> well it makes me sad. and it breaks my heart we have this concern, this problem in our nation because these women give so much of themselves. they sacrifice their lives, the time with their family, to protect the freedoms of our country and it really upsets me that they don't have a safe environment to be in. not only are they in an unsafe environment while fighting war but they come home and still remain in an unsafe environment. >> and we've heard so much documented about homeless veterans but when it comes to female, women, we don't hear too much about it. what can we do to continue giving them at tension they need. >> we can continue to raise the awareness and focus on what their purpose is and what we
8:19 am
can do as americans to protect them and give them the opportunity to still be in a safe environment. as american people, we have the power, we have the authority, we have the influence to take each and every one of our sister services off the streets and give them a warm, safe place to raise their families. >> jazz, what made you want to get involved with this? >> well people that know me, i am a cancer survivor and god had given me a second chance and we're striving to give our sister veterans another chance. >> and when you hear about the woman without homes, what does that do to you? >> as lisa pointed out, it's very heartbreaking. and compared to the total homeless veteran population, the numbers are smaller, roughly only 10% account for this total homeless population that are female. but 59% of veterans that are housed in shelters with one child are female veterans.
8:20 am
>> is there a hope for the big picture, lisa, as far as specific goals through the organization to help these ladies out? >> absolutely. our bigger picture is to get them off the streets. it's a way to say thank you for your sacrifice, but more importantly it's a way for us as americans to continue to do the right thing for those that make that ultimate sacrifice. and specifically the ones that are still able to come home. and we try to find a safe place for them to be in. the ultimate goal is to continue to raise funds and awareness and to build homes, provide work opportunities for these june -- young ladies. >> and i know you have fundraisers coming up and are there websites where people can help. >> we do have a facebook under final salute ink and we have a
8:21 am
website and this friday is our inaugural fundraiser. that information is also on our site. we'll have homeless female veterans attending and they won't be identifiable, but we need each set filled to show we are there to support them and we're not alone and here for them. >> it's such a great cause. we thank you for your service to our country and for your work in trying to get your sister veterans back in a great place. thanks for being with us. we'll link that information to our website at if you would like to help out. it's 8:21. 34 degrees on it tuesday morning. we continue to monitor metro and this morning we have an early heads-up about the five stations that will be shut down this weekend for you. and we continue our cup cake taste test. ahead this hour, our panel of experts will try red velvet cupcakes from bakeries all over the area. find out which ones are the best in this category and which
8:22 am
ones are the worst later this morning. stay with us. 
8:23 am
8:24 am
fox 5 continues to monitor metro. the latest issue of an attack
8:25 am
at the suitland station. robert joy was with his 12-year- old nephew when a group of teen- agers were causing a ruckus. and moments later he was attacked and knocked to the ground and punched and kicks. >> i can't go back and change nothing but it happens. i'm just glad that i'm still sitting here and they didn't use any weapons or no guns. i guess i'm blessed. >> he said he lost two of his front teeth and a busted lip and swollen eye. the group of teens also made off with his phone. metro transit -- place -- police are investigating. you can tell us about your stories at fox 5 metro at g- and a heads up about work this weekend.
8:26 am
>> minnesota avenue, deanwood, landover, and new carrollton will shut down at 10:00 p.m. on friday and won't reopen until monday morning. and also no blue line service between stadium armory and bening road. shuttle buses will be available. customers should add at least 40 minutes to their commute. on the red line trains will single track between friendship heights and medical center and customers should add 20 minutes there. another first for the intercounty connector. two bus routes on the first phase of the icc begin running today. they go between gaithersburg and ft. mead and bwi marshall. the buses will be free for the first two weeks and after that a one-way trip is $5. route 201 will operate seven days a week. service for route 202 are week days only. 8:26. up next, a preview of tonight's american idol. >> look at what has rolled in
8:27 am
washington today. this is the idol across america bus. we'll take a tour and find out how you can play the role of ryan seacrest and win a trip to hollywood. and carrie underwood's dress is there. and the coke cup that the judge's drink from every week. some of them are there. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. stay with us. there they are. 's rig [ woman ] bathing suits.
8:28 am
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supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. 8:30 on this tuesday morning. taking a look from tower cam on wisconsin avenue. folks heading into work this morning or where ever you are going. and a lot of sunshine out there, but the temperature is a different story. still chilly. jumped up to 34 degrees. up one degree, tucker but still cold. >> temperatures only in the 40s to about 50 and that will be a shock to the system after low 70s in the city yesterday and 60s outside of the beltway. there are your temperatures. and as you can see, we are in
8:31 am
the 30s, low 30s here in washington. 34 degrees. 32 in gaithersburg. hagerstown is 30 at this hour. warmer to the south, fredericksberg is 37. and 36 in leonardtown. let's talk about the temperature trend. and this is a typical march rollercoaster ride. 50 today and upper 50s, maybe a few low 60s tomorrow and back in the low 30s on thursday and back to the upper 50s by saturday. and so up and down we go. today is where we should be which is more typical temperature for this time of year. but a lot cooler than storm day. system off the coast is our frontal system from yesterday. brought two-thirds of an inch to reagan national. we needed the rain and today we're going to have bright sunshine. in fact the next several days of bright sunshine should be a beautiful looking day. just on the cool side with high temperatures only in the upper 40s to about 50. here is your five-day forecast. cold again tonight, 34 degrees. there is your warm-up for
8:32 am
tomorrow. 59. and as we get into the end of the week, the temperatures warm up. clouding up late in the day on friday and could be showers around here for saturday and sunday. we'll have to fine-tune the weekend forecast when we get closer. that's a look at the weather. i'm going to allison outside in the american idol bus. allison? >> how cool is this, tucker. i am outside with the america -- excuse me the idol across america bus. we're going to get a tour in a minutech but first season 10's top 24 will sing live this week. the guys are up tonight and the girls are up tomorrow. and here is fox's anita vogle with more on what we can expect. >> reporter: looking to make it four years in a row, the guys take the idol stage tuesday night trying to prove why they have won tv's top show the last three seasons. with a diverse group of talent, ranging in age and experience, the top 12 men have their work cut out for them. this time winning over america,
8:33 am
hoping make it to the next round. [ singing ] >> i'm just ready to go have some fun on that stage. it is a killer stage. >> now you're performing in front of a live audience and in front of america on a camera. so you have to know how to cater to the audience and you have to know how to convey the message. >> reporter: at this point in the competition, the five guys and girls with the most votes will move on to the finals. with a couple of wild card possibilities, raising the stakes for this week's performance. >> you have to do the routines that you always do and be the person that you've always been. because that's what has gotten us here. being humble and grounded and we don't want it to change who we are. >> reporter: and with more responsibility for arranging and staging their songs, the idol pressure cooker continues to heat up. >> this is make it or break it. if you make it, you have a good chance of getting in the top 12. if you break it, goodbye. this is that one shining
8:34 am
moment. [ singing ] >> reporter: in hollywood, anita vogle, fox news. >> so now we are inside the bus on the idol across america bus and it's making a stop here in d.c. this is the final city, 16 citys across the nation, four weeks this bus has been on the road. colin maynard is with this fantastic tour. this is cool stuff. you don't have to be a fan to think it is cool. >> people come in and check it out and they appreciate it. >> and the first thing you see is, this is david cook's guitar. he lost his brother and the initials are there on the guitar so that is superspecial. on the walls here you have pictures starting with season one all the way through season nine. and now i understand, i feel like i know all of these people. rubin, justin, kelly, the first winner, fantasia and carrie underwood.
8:35 am
and this is cool because you have something. >> we have the dress in season four that she won in. >> and this is the actual dress. do you figure about a size 2? i won't ask you that question. and there she is in that winning moment in season 4. and then you move back and this is ryan. >> ryan seacrest with a burr bury suit who he's been sponsored. >> it says 48 regular and he seems like a small guy but that's an average size suit and a beautiful one it is. so that's his suit. and we move on back. every time after randy especially makes the call -- he takes a sip and put it's down again. what is this? >> these are the coca-cola cups that the judges have used. >> and the original cast if you will, randy, paula and simon whom we still miss. and then all of this back here. whose are these? >> those are randy boots.
8:36 am
>> what? what size does he wear? >> i believe those are 12s. >> he does have the fancy footwear and this is his colorful jacket. and tell us about what people can do when they come on the bus to try to win a chance to go to l.a. and be with ryan? >> women a con -- we have a contest and people can come in and do their own rendition of american idol and say i'm so and so from washington, d.c. and then you could go to hollywood to see ryan seacrest. >> this is free and open to the public at american university and this is cool and free and open to the public. for now, this is fox 5 morning news. allison, you should know as a fashion connoisseur, the european sizes are bigger than american. more on a new study that shows half of all men are carrying a virus that could
8:37 am
cause cancer in women. and the measles alert is growing now that we told you about yesterday. so more on those stories coming up. this is a strawberry pop-tart.
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one out of every two men. according to researchers, about 6% of men get an hpv infection each year. experts say this strengthens the case for boys to get vaccinated like what is recommended for young girls. however researchers say women are better to clear the infection as they age and men don't appear to have that ability. hpv can cause cervical, anal or neck cancers. the woman who had measles in the district did some traveling went within the district. she got on d one 1 bus and ate at the pot belly's restaurant and then took the 1 s or 2 s bus. she left for denver on her way to albuquerque, new york. it is now 8:40 on this
8:41 am
tuesday morning. postpartum depression. you might here about it but you don't know how common it is. one out of five new moms go through it. we'll look at the warning signs and how to cope when we come back. first tasteyer news from holly this morning. >> reporter: when i'm depressed, nothing picks me up more than a cup cake. and i am flying high as we are having our own cup cake test. up next we'll see who reins supreme when it comes to red velvet. we're in on the cup cake phase this morning. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.  this is a strawberry pop-tart. and this is the warm fresh baked taste... of a strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel.
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one in five new moms will experience postpartum depression. it's the most common complication of pregnancy and child birth. and adrian garrison is from postpartum support from virginia to talk about what it is and especially then an event coming up tomorrow. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's the annual luna fest put on by the people who bring you the luna bar. >> right. >> and it is tomorrow at the
8:45 am
arlington cinema in columbia pike in arlington. tickets are still available. >> tickets are still available from the cinema and draft house website. and it's hosted by stroller stride, a mother-baby program and they are all short films, by, for and about women. and then all of the proceeds go to women's charities. so luna takes 15% to their fashional charity which is the national breast cancer fund and the remainder go to the center in virginia for our fifth annual luna fest. we're excited. >> and that information can be found on we'll link that information. and i think people are familiar with the term postpartum. it is a form of clinical depression. can you tell us more about it and why it's so serious and why sometimes people don't really understand what it is? >> absolutely. postpartum depression is an umbrella term for a whole host of disorders, mood and anxiety disorders. as you said when you first
8:46 am
started, it effects up to one in five new mothers and it can actually occur during pregnancy. so women who are pregnant can also experience the same kinds of symptoms. and researchers are finding more and more that it's anxiety -- more than depression. they think i can't do this. i made a big mistake. i can't stand it when my baby cries and in ability to sleep when the baby sleeps and that's a big concern and i big sign that something is wrong. if mom can't sleep when her baby is sleeping and she needs to get some medical help in that situation. >> if you had that anxiety while pregnant, what can that lead to? >> well, doctors used to think that the placenta was protective, meaning that whatever the mom was feeling, the baby was safe because it was inside the placenta but they are finding more and more
8:47 am
that the stress hormones can cross the placenta and affect the baby. so a pregnant woman can talk to her o.b. and there are medications that are safe to take that while pregnant. >> and as moms, i think sometimes when you hear, i don't want to hear my baby cry or i wish i didn't have that baby and all of us. for us we don't understand because it is the exact opposite of the maternal instinct we hear about. how big is there of a problem to get the help and medical attention these women need. >> you just hit on the biggest factors that prevent moms from getting help, is this recognition that, you know what, i do need help, that something is not right here, because nobody wants to admit that they are not enjoying mother hood. this is supposed to be the most blissful time if life and some women do experience that and it's wonderful for them. and unfortunately we have a
8:48 am
large number of women who experience just the opposite. and there is that stigma about having depression orange dieity-- depression and anxiety. and getting help is for you and your family and it's not your fault. you're not to blame. but there is a wellness program that includes self-care and talking with a therapist if necessary, support from other new moms going through the same thing to validate and encourage and provide resources. so thankfully there is a path to wellness but the moms have to acknowledge they need help and that's a hard thing to do. >> we've been putting up tips and also symptoms on screen for you. all of the information can be found i'm sure through your organization, through others like this. all of that is available when you link on our website and we'll have those links for you because we just don't have enough time to talk about these issues that are so vital to families. but we appreciate you being
8:49 am
with us and luna fest. tomorrow night at arlington cinema and draft house, go to their website for the information on the tickets. >> right. >> steve, over to you. >> allison, thank you very much. now for something to cheer everybody up this morning. the cup cake craze has been in the washington area for sometime now and there are still cup cakeries opening up all over the place. and so we put a few to the taste test in morning and holly is our ring mastner studio b. this morning. >> reporter: and i don't think it is going anywhere any time soon. and few topics have precipitated so many comments on our facebook and twitter accounts. so thank you for bringing those in. and we know we can't do all of them, but people are very passionate about where they get their cupcakes. we randomly bought five cupcakes and we assembled our lovely panel of judges who are ready to move on to red velvet. and they are all very happy about that. i hear you have an inside scoop
8:50 am
that you all like red velvet. from right to left, we have natalie ruffner from rsvp catering. peter deck from blue chef, and the executive chef. and susan wallace, clad in her cup cake pants is the pastry chef from black salt and malcolm mitchell, the chef is a professional chef. are you ready to dig in? i'm happy you're not bouncing off the walls from all of the sugar. >> the red velvet might do it. >> reporter: and start to the one to the right on your plate and i'll show everyone at home from where this cup cake came. and as you savor and taste and calculate your thoughts. we did buy them yesterday so they are at least one day old. ant natalie, let's start with you. >> the cake is moist but the cream is kind of more cheesy, not too sweet. >> peter? >> i liked the cake. it was very moist.
8:51 am
but there was something off about the frosting. >> reporter: okay, susan. >> it needs more flavor and more sugar in the frosting. >> reporter: malcolm? >> i like the frosting. normally you want it sweet but that had a little savory taste but the cream was good. >> reporter: and jot down notes if you need to. you can pick your favorite in the end. but our next cup cake comes from this bakery that people may or may not know of. we are featuring here this morning, as they take a bite of the second red velvet. and get icing on the fingers, because that's the best thing about eating a cup cake. and natalie? >> i like this one but it doesn't taste like red velvet. >> reporter: not authentic. peter? >> the cake was moist enough i thought, but the flavor was off. i didn't like the frosting, the frosting again has that sugary
8:52 am
crunch. >> reporter: granular. and susan? >> i think the frosting is too sweet and the cake is a little bit too dark. not red enough. >> reporter: malcolm? >> i just didn't really like that at all. >> reporter: how do you really feel. be honest. >> i'm not a pastry chef like the rest of the panel, but that is something i can make. >> reporter: oh, wow. you guys are boulder this hour. i like it. i think they're getting comfortable with our test. and let's try our third one. and this is where our third cup cake came. we were featuring five different cup cakers but one did not do red velvet so you are only tasting four this time. and we'll start on the other end this time. malcolm, we'll start with you. >> moist and i like the color. and the cream had a good flavor. >> reporter: you couldn't make that one? i'm just kidding. >> i could try. >> reporter: susan? >> the frosting is great. it's not too sweet.
8:53 am
and i think it's perfect and a nice, creamy texture. >> reporter: peter? >> i agree with susan. i like the frosting. the cake was kind of crumbly. >> reporter: a little dry? natalie? >> i the cake was crumbly but i did like the balance. >> reporter: our fourth and final red velvet cup cake is from this destination spot in the greater washington area. you guys do have water if you want to cleanse your palate in between. okay, all right. malcolm, you want to start our final comment session here? >> it was moist. i liked the cream. i liked the color. it was good. >> reporter: susan? >> this is my favorite. the cake is moist and the cream is better. >> reporter: peter? >> this is absolutely the best one. the good balance of cake and frosting and great flavor. >> reporter: natalie? >> that's red velvet.
8:54 am
>> reporter: there you go. so you three picked number four. and you, malcolm, you pick? >> i'll go with number four. >> it is unanimous. this is the winner for this hour. and i will tell you, it's not the same winner from last hour. just to keep your minds guessing. and we are keeping track of who they are picking so we can let you know for each flavor that you pick who you like best. coming up in the next hour, you can see we have this extravaganza of cupcakes because our last hour is going to be the wild card cup cake. now we know it's a lot of different flavors and it's not a direct comparison but we'll see who comes out on top in the 9:00 when it comes to the anything goes cup cake. back to you guys over in the other studio. >> that's the good stuff. look at that. >> this has been so much fun. we'll see you next hour. >> a lot of people are going to be crashing at noon today with all of the sugar. on our facebook page we're asking about who is their
8:55 am
favorite and we're hearing about cupcakes from laurel. >> and omar davis said go for flash with georgetown cupcakes, hello cupcakes and cake love. he said i tried them all, none of them are as moist. >> moist and delectable. >> we just had a malfunction up here. >> cakes plus is where they liked. the moist inners of the cup cake, and this is detailed, leaves a heavenly taste that balances across the palate. we hope to do another test across the future and do a cake test. the public demands it. >> and getting a shout out from curbside cupcakes. that is the beauty of it. so you're done, where are you going? >> i'm getting myself some cupcakes. we have another hour coming up. and in the 9 hour, a face will you likely recognize from a phase of old. we're talking about john schneider. he's done so many more -- so
8:56 am
much more since his days as bo. we'll talk with him in the 9:00 hour. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast, i could use all the help i can get. like nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast, even whole-wheat waffles, for a breakfast that my kids love and i feel good about serving. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa. it's quick, easy and something everyone can agree on. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. my second diagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time.
8:57 am
you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. i think it's a very bold thing to do. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. i'm sure if it was 100 miles, we'd still walk it. it was a big statement for me of... (voice breaks) i'm alive. we can do this. we can do this. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. this is more than just three days. this is a lifetime. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit
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and welcome back. here is a look at some of the stories we're following for the next hour. first a fox 5 follow-up on suv outrage in the district. it all started with the discovery of luxury suv's on the taxpayer's dime while the city faces a budget crunch. now it looks like the suv's and others were against the rules. and big changes could be coming. and plus we'll introduce you to the creator of a website designed to help those who are chronically ill. how the site may help bring emotional support for a difficult time for those suffering from illness and those helping them. and you may know him best as bo duke from the dukes of hazard. john schneider is in a new independent film and he'll join us in studio live to talk about the

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